Entitled Magazine was started to create an accessible platform to explore important issues that go unnoticed in mainstream media. Through creating interesting and thought-provoking content, we aim to change the everyday conversations people are having based on their understanding of important current issues. With a team situated in different parts of the world, we provide alternative perspectives to what happens around the world.


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    Felicia Van Regteren Altena

    Head of Entitled

    Felicia  is a half-Dutch, half-Cuban girl studying International Relations and Development Studies at SOAS. Other than constantly wondering which culture she is more part of, she loves exploring new cultures, binging on documentaries about the civil rights movements of the past, travelling, good food and shopping (excessively).

  • Lena Yeo

    Lena Yeo
    Chief Editor

    Lena is a final year law student at the University of Warwick. She made childhood
    friends with introspection and now questions its reconcilability with the realities of
    her profession. Quoting Gailman, she takes the stance that one should not be
    shielded from ‘dark things’. Amidst all the darkness however, you’ll likely find her
    to be (un)abashedly spirited and always up for good fun. 

  • Allison Law

    Allison Law
    Chief Editor

    Allison may be a law student by day, but at the core she loves sentimentality, flights of fancy and words strung together so powerfully yet effortlessly it move mind and matter. She cares deeply about issues of social justice and politics, but would also really appreciate candid nerdy conversations about the Marvel universe and Japanese pop culture.

  • Hakim

    Arif Nurhakim

    Hakim is a 2nd-year Global Studies student, specialising in migration-related issues in Southeast Asia. Being a street photographer by training, he hopes to translate his interest in social issues into his photography work by telling the untold stories to the mass audience through his photographs.

  • Rohan

    Rohan Eapen George

    With a name like Rohan Eapen George, comprised of a Lord of the Rings reference, a really common British name and a slightly less common Indian one, one could be forgiven for wondering what to call him. For in truth his identity is equally interesting. Rohan is an Australian citizen, born in India who calls Singapore his home. Yet somehow he finds himself in none of these places, as he begins studying Law at LSE. He is interested in how the law can be used to make a difference in society. Outside of academic life, he relishes in a good meal and the company that comes along with it: dessert. He’s also an avid sports fan.

  • Rachele Megna

    Rachele is an Italian graduate student, she has studied philosophy and Sociology at Sussex and then went on to do her MSc in Gender and Development at the LSE. She’s now applying for PhDs, with her main focus being on postcolonial literature, political philosophy and critical theory. On the side, she also plays and coaches basketball, and some of her work is now revolving around gendered paradigms in sport!

  • Marco Mogiani

    After consolidating a human rights background in Italy, Marco is now a third-year PhD student at SOAS University, where he is carrying out a research about migration and borders. However, his interests also comprehend broader political, economic, and social issues, which he has been developing throughout his academic, working and volunteering experiences. Thirst for reading, part-time activism in political and humanitarian associations, and overwhelming passion for travelling and photography complete his personality.

  • Anna Wilken

    Anna finished school in Germany in 2014, spent a gap year doing a voluntary service in Nicaragua and is now a first year law student at UCL. Other than being quite athletic because of excessive finger-muscle-training through typing stories and essays on her computer, she likes to experiment what her creativity can do with writing, painting and music.

  • Maia Birtles

    Maia is a final year Anthropology student studying at SOAS, University of London.
    She tends to take a liking to old stuff such as second hand bookstores, record players and typewriters. She loves the sound of harmonicas and occasionally tends to daydream about being transported in time back to the 60s and being Bob Dylan’s girlfriend. But that’s a secret…

  • Kat Andersh

    Kat Andersh

    Kat loves to travel and has always been inspired by the idea to “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Originally from the northern state of Minne”snow”ta, Kat has exchanged 8 months of winter for balmy London weather. She is now an MSc student at UCL studying international energy policy. Geo-political and economic topics are among some of her favorite conversations, while other favorite things include visiting cafes (as she’s quite a coffee lover), sketching in galleries and salsa dancing!

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    Gabrielle Johnson

    Gabrielle is a second year English student at SOAS, University of London. She comes from England, but she has proud Scottish roots. Outside of her studies she loves to eat (anything), make lists and check them off, find green spaces in London, and watch films that make her cry. Though mostly she loves to use poetry, photography and stories to document, express, and record life’s weird and wonderful ways..

  • Sumedha

    Sumedha Chakravarthy

    Armed with​ ​21​ ​years of experience​ ​as a​ stunningly confused, ​multilingual, ​South Asian woman​,​ ​Sumedha attempts ​to​ ​write prose and poetry ​to unravel her​ ​own identity and offer glimmers of resonance to all those in the same boat/ship/steamer​ as her. ​She is currently pursuing her MA in Comparative Literature from SOAS.​ ​Literature and art ​are vital sites of re-negotiating subalternity of all kinds​​ and she finds it incredible to ​​​find a platform th​at ​​​see​ks​ to empower ​marginalised voices and strokes​.

  • Ingvild Lemstad

    Ingvild Lemstad

    Ingvild is a final year International Relations student at SOAS. Life at this point consists mainly of being befuddled by life and its humans (over and over again). Her interests include mindfulness, politics, cultures and travelling. In her free time she collects quotes, obsesses over food, gets frustrated at the lack of social justice and goes hunting for everyday moments of happiness. Pet loves: critical media, coffee and art. Pet peeves: gender inequality and societal inertia.

  • Lucie Collins

    Lucy Collins

    Lucie is studying Study of Religions at SOAS in London, and is passionate about promoting how understanding religions can help societies be more accepting and understanding of different beliefs and cultures. She loves to travel and learn languages after living for a year in Madrid, although will always call London home. In her free time she volunteers at primary schools and spends lots of time with her puppy. She likes to write about all sorts of things, from cultures to travelling to politics.

  • Saleha Latif

    Saleha Latif

    Saleha is a first year English student at SOAS, she devours books, allows herself to be swept away by poetry and falls in love far too quickly with films. When not reading, writing or watching, Saleha is either helping to try and change the world, whether this be through her attending marches and demonstrations or doing voluntary work with charity organisation AIk Saath (Together as One), she is on a quest to give voices to the voiceless and raise awareness about social injustices.

  • Megan Teoh

    Megan Teoh

    Hailing from a small town in Malaysia, studying abroad can be daunting yet Megan always believe that there is a beauty in every occurrence she encounters along the way. She is currently a law student in SOAS, though not an aspiring lawyer and am still in search for answers to her future calling. She labels herself as a curious creator, from how she loves to question how creatively innovative things are formed, including writing.

  • Veronika Vogel

    Veronika Vogel

    Having lived in several German cities, Paris, Romania and Istanbul I recently ended up in London, doing my MSc Middle East Politics at SOAS. I am constantly wondering about this world, which I find more exciting than anything else, be it in terms of politics, culture or social structures. Being a major fan of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie I am currently engaging myself in feminism and the ongoing gender discussions.


  • Daisy O'Reilly
    Daisy O’Reilly
    Creative Director

    Daisy is a proud Romani woman and self-proclaimed feminist cat-lady living in Malta. She studied BA Japanese studies at SOAS here in London, and also Art and Design at BIAD University in Birmingham. Despite not knowing what she wants out of life, she is passionate about human rights and in her spare time likes to educate herself on social issues. She likes to apply her passions to her work, whether it be art or writing.