MyNextBuy: Consuming Someone’s Identity

Everything that we buy has been produced by someone else. We are not the first to touch it! But how often do we think about who made our new products? We are rarely made aware that the workers who make our products often have long working hours in hazardous conditions with little pay. MyNextBuy is a campaign in partnership with Tearfund looking for a change in the fashion industry so that workers are treated fairly. Thousands of people around the world are dehumanised and enslaved through their work but we believe that everyone is entitled to live free. Watch this short clip here to hear more about the campaign and to find out how you can get involved.


Alex Perkin is a second-year student at SOAS studying Geography and Development. He has been involved with Tearfund, a relief and development organization, over the last few years and #MyNextBuy is one of the ways he is trying to bring change into the world. You can find out more about #MyNextBuy at and sign the petition at

Tim Perkin is a student at the University of Sussex studying Anthropology. He has a keen interest in encouraging youths to get passionate about social action. In the past year, he has been running a campaign called Rough Night, which tackles the issue of homelessness through raising awareness and petitions. He tweets at @tgperkin. You can learn more about Rough Night at http://