Illustration by Priscilla Tey
Words by Kelly Dochy


Hold me down, pick me up,

pluck the strings that line my limbs, hear them

echo with each, separate footfall

measure the length between here

and nowhere

Metal rust and

downward stares

Mortal dust and

downward stares

Hold me down, pick me up

Please, stranger, lend some help

Far from home, I can’t say how

I lost my way

Hold me down, pick me up

who scrapped the human from my head

and tossed me leftovers

who wrapped me instead to protect me

from myself?


metalme in the foundry, stitching

Nimble fingers to the tatters of my whimpers to an icy, icy fist, despising

the dust, sliced in rust, welded up tight.

it’s gonna be alright.

it’s gonna be alright.

Hold me down pick me up

I tried to tear up the universe down

with unflinching silence

But atoms can’t hear, can’t be

thrown off the circular path.

Hold me down, pick me up

How high do the strings go? Could

the clouds swallow them whole? Or

does God sneak tugs from time to time to keep

the dirt from salivating for my bones.

Hold me up, let me down.

End words, End sounds, Stop listening.

I know you aren’t.

This mouth couldn’t tell you anything.

Even if you cared.

let me down,

let me down,

let me go.

let me go.


While floating through a cigarette haze, Kelly heard a sound in the garden. Wondering if it was a hedgehog or a cat, she tried to telescope her eyes into the darkness to try and figure it out. Alas, evolution didn’t cooperate, and her vision remains non-mechanical. Always ready to peer beyond the veil of the known, she keeps her feet on the ground, and her head in the sky. She studies 3D Animation in Paris. She considers Terence McKenna her alchemical husband, enjoys photobombing, and pretending that she is a Dadaist.

Priscilla is a senior in illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design where she enjoys telling stories and creating fun characters in imaginary worlds using traditional as well as digital media. Every medium and tool has a voice and can tell the same story in such different ways. She is interested in film, animation and children’s education through media. She also has a strange affinity for staircases and naming inanimate objects.