We Also

This life isn’t in making the “best” decisions,
it’s in simply deciding.
I think, being the sum of my flaws,
that I embrace what it means to be human
when I come to terms with them,
and become less of it when I carelessly race to strip them off for perfection
– everything, but nothing all at once.
I don’t want to deny running with these people on equal terms
because I’m either in it or not
this race is a human one.


It is six in the morning. This is one of my favourite aunties from my favourite mixed vegetable rice stall. She takes orders and serves, usually very generous in her servings. I have been a server before, but serving like how she does it brings it to a whole new level.


He offers drinks, he also offers conversation.


He doesn’t sell meat, he also makes up for it.


He provides you security in cramped spaces, he also enjoys places with a view.


He drives the longest ride in town, he also keeps an eye out for you.


He sells frozen goods, he is also very friendly.


He owns one of those meat chillers, he also needs siestas.


He dresses hair, he also is shy about taking photos.


She gets water from the void deck, she also provides food and company.


Julian feels he hasn’t learned barely enough to warrant himself some educational introduction. To him, there are only two things he’d like to care about: today and tomorrow – nothing after, nothing before. And of that, he thinks his time would best be spent appreciating the world through lenses innumerable.