What is ‘Intersectionality’?

Our issue ‘Tangents’ is a social project aimed at raising awareness surrounding the issue of intersectionality.

Based in Vancouver and in London and accepting submissions everywhere else, we want to shed light on the intersections between different systems of oppression and discrimination people face everyday. Through the voices of people, we want to showcase how various facets of our identity can interact with each other on simultaneous levels.

What is intersectionality?

Intersectionality is the intersection of systems of oppression and discrimination such as race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality and so forth.

Why Tangents?

In the realm of Mathematics, a tangent refers to when a line meets another line and share a common point. In naming this project, Tangents, we acknowledge the different facets of a person’s identity and how some of them might not be visible to each other.


If you are interested to submit, contact Joy Yap at for North American and international submissions and Sparsh Pandya for European submissions. 

Check out our stories on our previously named ‘Tangents’ page.
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