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The problem with mainstream media is that it news is always presented in a dramatic and “we’re permanently in a crisis” way. Top that with subjectivity and a judgemental tone and you get a one-way communication in society. A human touch is hard to find in the mainstream media and that is an issue Entitled Magazine is trying to fight.


We don’t know. But Entitled Magazine is trying to bring back that human touch by telling different stories and opinions. We aim to be a multimedia platform for expression as well as an experimentation.


We’re looking for people with opinions or perspectives that they wish to share with the world. Writer, artist, photographer or poet, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome to join the Entitled family. If you’re interested in discussing current issues of the world ranging from politics and culture to travel and lifestyle, this is the place for you.

How to become part of Entitled

If you are interested in submitting a contribution or joining us, please submit the following to

1. A short description pf yourself and why you wish to join Entitled

2. An original, creative submission through any medium such as

o a piece of writing restricted to one page

o photo-journal

o video

o or any other creative form

o All pieces should be submitted in an appropriate format: Justified/Times/Text size 12 (flexible for creative works)

Feel free to send us a draft, pitch, or appeal for advice or critique from our editorial team. Though we strongly encourage you to express your work through any medium you wish, we ask for submissions to follow a few key criteria.

• Creative pieces should keep in mind our aim of accessibility. Please try not to be deliberately obscure or exclusive in any way, as our magazine places a high value on inclusivity

• All documentary work, articles, and reports, should refrain from adopting an academic tone. Language should be understandable and not pedantic!

• Pieces must be professional and original

All applications for permanent contributors should be sent to with your name in the email title as well as a recent photo attached.


Permanent contributors are expected to contribute pieces on a regular basis. If you have any further enquiries regarding Entitled’s content or regarding the commitment of a permanent editor, please feel free to fill in the form below

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