Entitled Magazine was started to create an accessible platform to explore important issues that go unnoticed in mainstream media. Through creating interesting and thought-provoking content, we aim to change the everyday conversations people are having based on their understanding of important current issues. With a team situated in different parts of the world, we provide alternative perspectives to what happens around the world.


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    Felicia Van Regteren Altena

    Head of Entitled
    Felicia  is a half-Dutch, half-Cuban girl studying International Relations and Development Studies at SOAS. Other than constantly wondering which culture she is more part of, she loves exploring new cultures, binging on documentaries about the civil rights movements of the past, travelling, good food and shopping (excessively).

  • Lena Yeo

    Lena Yeo
    Chief Editor

    Lena is a final year law student at the University of Warwick. She made childhood
    friends with introspection and now questions its reconcilability with the realities of
    her profession. Quoting Gailman, she takes the stance that one should not be
    shielded from ‘dark things’. Amidst all the darkness however, you’ll likely find her
    to be (un)abashedly spirited and always up for good fun. 

  • Allison Law

    Allison Law
    Chief Editor

    Allison may be a law student by day, but at the core she loves sentimentality, flights of fancy and words strung together so powerfully yet effortlessly it move mind and matter. She cares deeply about issues of social justice and politics, but would also really appreciate candid nerdy conversations about the Marvel universe and Japanese pop culture.

  • Anna Wilken

    Anna finished school in Germany in 2014, spent a gap year doing a voluntary service in Nicaragua and is now a first year law student at UCL. Other than being quite athletic because of excessive finger-muscle-training through typing stories and essays on her computer, she likes to experiment what her creativity can do with writing, painting and music.

  • Maia Birtles

    Maia is a final year Anthropology student studying at SOAS, University of London.
    She tends to take a liking to old stuff such as second hand bookstores, record players and typewriters. She loves the sound of harmonicas and occasionally tends to daydream about being transported in time back to the 60s and being Bob Dylan’s girlfriend. But that’s a secret…

  • Saleha Latif

    Saleha Latif

    Saleha is a first year English student at SOAS, she devours books, allows herself to be swept away by poetry and falls in love far too quickly with films. When not reading, writing or watching, Saleha is either helping to try and change the world, whether this be through her attending marches and demonstrations or doing voluntary work with charity organisation AIk Saath (Together as One), she is on a quest to give voices to the voiceless and raise awareness about social injustices.

  • Sense Hofstede

    Sense has just begun working for his PhD in Comparative Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore. Previously, he has studied International Relations in Groningen, Paris and Beijing. His work focusses mostly on Chinese politics and the Chinese response to the West, Singaporean politics, and European colonialism in Southeast Asia. Sense buys to many books. He should stop buying so many books.

  • Jodie Sheehan

    Jodie Sheehan is a 19-year-old second year student at the University of York. As a student of English Literature, books are her life; she’s always reading, or writing about what she’s reading. Outside the book world, she’s loves adventure in the real world. Travelling and seeing new things are what make her tick and spurs her on, from small trips to Edinburgh Fringe, to never-ending treks up Machu Picchu, Jodie is on a quest to see the world – and get as much of it as possible down on paper on the way. For her, documenting the experience is all part of the fun: she strives to capture each moment in a flurry of photography and flowery language.

  • Christie Cheng

    Having completed her undergraduate in English Literature at the National University of Singapore, Christie worked at the National Arts Council, Singapore doing many literary things, and many government things. She is currently based in London where she is doing her MA in Cultural Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies. Her research interests lie in non-Eurocentric theoretical discourses and applying these paradigms onto literary and filmic texts in making sense of contemporary societies, specifically those in Southeast Asia. She much rather learn about cultures through literature, film, art and traveling, than historical and anthropological accounts. But let’s be real, who doesn’t?

  • Masie Le Masurier

    Maisie is a first year English Literature student at the University of York. Her love of literature is rooted in the knowledge that, in the right hands, it can be an agent of social change – serving as a means to raise awareness, highlight injustice and empower the people. It can bring, to public attention, the plight of society’s misunderstood or marginalised. As a member of the developed world, Maisie believes she has a duty to lend her voice to those in need of one. As such, in 2013, she became a Young Ambassador for the Global Campaign for Education, with schooling something she considers a powerful deterrent for conflict and poverty. She is an ardent advocate for debate, believing that communication and conversation is the first step towards action. On the personal side, she loves travel, coffee and films from Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age’.


  • Daisy O'Reilly
    Daisy O’Reilly
    Creative Director

    Daisy is a proud Romani woman and self-proclaimed feminist cat-lady living in Malta. She studied BA Japanese studies at SOAS here in London, and also Art and Design at BIAD University in Birmingham. Despite not knowing what she wants out of life, she is passionate about human rights and in her spare time likes to educate herself on social issues. She likes to apply her passions to her work, whether it be art or writing.